6 Sep 2017

I Carry an Umbrella . . .

Submitted by Roger

Not white or silver. Not a reflector. I have a black umbrella in my kit to keep my equipment dry while I get soaked!

Wouldn't it be wonderful if every photo you took was during golden-hour or blue-hour? Of course, in Camelot, the light is perfect all the time . . .

Here in the real world, we take photographs when we have the opportunity, or the opportunity may not be repeated. Dedicated photographers stay prepared to capture images no matter what the conditions are. For me, some of the best-liked photos I have taken were produced during a rain storm.

Instead of lamenting that there is nothing to photograph because the light isn't right, learn to work with all types of conditions. If you can work during adverse weather, your photos will stand out because no-one else is foolish enough to brave the conditions.

So, a few things I include in my kit, just in case the weather conditions turn against me:

  1. Lens cleaning suppplies, including cloths (wipes) to keep the optics clear.
  2. Microfibre cloths to wipe down cameras and other equipment if it gets wet or dirty.
  3. Rain covers for the camera, and rain gear for the photographer.
  4. Dry socks and footwear, because sometimes the only way to get the shot is to get your feet wet.
  5. Always overdress for the weather. You can remove layers if necessary, but you can't don what you don't have.
  6. and . .  oh yes. Don't forget the umbrella.