5 Jan 2013

Saving Memories: Back Up Your Mobile Device Photos

Submitted by Roger

With the increasing popularity of cameras in mobile phones, syncing files between phones and your computers has become a major issue with computing today. The advent of cloud computing is an approach to keeping your photos available wherever you may be. I can't remember the number of time I have heard of someone losing all their photos with the loss of their cell phone.

Dropbox.com has a free file-sync and backup service that you can use to back up and restore your files (2 Gb up to 15 Gb) for free. Their paid service is about the fairest you will find on the internet (100 Gb for $10/month) if you wish to upgrade. Dropbox.com also allows you to save your photos from your mobile device and sync them with all your other devices.

Install Dropbox today! After you have installed it on your computer, go to "Getting Started", choose option 7 "Install Dropbox on your Mobile Device", and follow the instructions. After installing Dropbox on your phone, start the Dropbox app, and enter your credentials. 

On my own phone (Blackberry) I use the Options button to view a menu. When I select 'Upload a Photo", I am given the choice to add an existing photo from my device, or to take a new photo, and have it instantly sent to all my devices. Handy!

If you do have a lot of photos on your phone, it is best to link your phone directly to your computer (via USB cable usually) and to save all the photos at once. Saves uploading the photos one at a time, and saves bandwidth. However the convenience and peace of mind that an extra couple of key strokes will offer you makes it worth your while to use Dropbox each time you take a photo.

We cannot recommend Dropbox.com strongly enough. Make them a part of your work flow and avoid the disaster which will surely happen if you have not backed up your work. You do not want to risk losing all those memories.

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