Property Photography

We are equipped to capture the essence of your property in images: exterior photography, from simple elevations, to twilight, to aerial perspectives, and interior photos, from tone-mapped series to virtual tours, to careful lighting and capture of special architectural treatments, and interior designs.

Kingston Waterfront

With extensive architectural experience using a view camera, we can translate the principles that made great photos on film to the digital world. For real estate work, our experience allows us to maintain high quality while working quickly to control costs.  As a RPAS pilot licensed for Advanced Operations, aerial photography, if appropriate, is available as a part of our regular exterior shoot. 

Real Estate Photography Pricing:

Rates are given for photography time only. Please make sure the property is ready for photography by using our Property Staging Checklist. The photographer will arrive as scheduled, and must get to their next location on time. The photographer will not help with last minute staging. If the property is not ready, you will be charged for the cancellation, and we will have to re-schedule the shoot.

Still Photos Only Stills With iGuide Virtual Tour
abt 20 photos (1/2 hr) $100 $80
30 - 40 photos (1 hr) $150 $125
35 - 60 photos (2 hr) $225 $190
Aerials Licensed and insured for drone Advanced Operations, if an aerial or two will add to the photo series, we can usually include the work in the regular still photo price.
For more extensive aerial work, we can discuss pricing.


iGuide Virtual Tour Regular Floorplan Premium Floorplan
0 - 2500 sq ft $225 $350
2500 - 10,000 sq ft $225 + $0.10/sq ft over 2500 $350 + $0.12/sq ft over 2500
over 10,000 sq ft $975 + $0.09/sq ft over 10,000

$1250 + $0.11/sq ft over 10,000


Other Charges:


Cancelled shoot
$75 + travel
Based on $0.60/km from Kingston and the Hwy 38 corridor
Nav Canada Clearance
If aerials are requested in controlled or restricted airspace, a $25 charge applies for the request for permission to fly. (Requires at least 72 hr advance notice.) No clearance is required in uncontrolled airspace.
Ferry Access
If a ferry ride is required to reach the property, a charge of $20 plus any fare will apply to the round trip.
Time of Day
Scheduling the shoot for a particular time, such as sunrise, sunset, twilight, night, will involve a surcharge of $200.

Please note all prices are subject to HST.

Free Shoot!

We have a standing offer to any new client.  We will do a free still photo series for any first time client on a single property listing free on charge, for comparison purposes. The following conditions apply:

  1. We retain full ownership of the photos, and they will be watermarked with our copyright notice.
  2. The intent of the offer is to showcase our work, and the images may not be used for any purpose other than to compare our work to any standard you may have for such photography.
  3. In the event that you desire to use the work to promote the subject property listing, then payment in full is required before any of the images may be published to promote the listing.
  4. The payment, if the photos are used, will be based on our rates currently published and in effect, without any surcharge.
  5. This offer does NOT include an iGuide virtual tour.
  6. This offer is limited to a single instance per brokerage, not per agent. If the photos are used (and billed) the single instance has occurred and all future work will be on contract.