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Guitar Found in Value Village: a true deal with no strings attached!

Photographers require a twisted mind! To keep my vision fresh, I will often take time to purposefully view the world through a different lens. I experiment with different ways of viewing the reality I encounter.

For instance, I found a wall that had been tagged with my name.

What Can I do with that?

Cue the ghostly hand.

I was asked to participate in a photo challenge.

The topic was “EYES”.

Shot for a challenge - the topic was 'Eyes'. Couldn't resist LOL.

Sometimes my experimental work can surprise even me.

This Salon entry ended up as a part of the PPOC Permanent Collection.

Over time I have been asked by many if they would be able to spend a day with me to learn how I shoot. I have learned that osmosis does not work. People beside me cannot get inside my thought processes, and if I let them in, then I lose creative freedom. If the day is geared toward educating a companion, I have found that I become a teacher, not a creator.

I can take on individuals or small groups to do photo tours. There are several creativity exercises I can introduce them to. Outdoor tours proceed as scheduled, regardless of the weather. Appropriate dress for the conditions is required.

If you have indoor space and a vision, I can help you set up a studio to realize that vision.

I also mentor individuals in editing techniques.

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