Aerial (Drone) Photography

The advent of superior Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) technology facilitates aerial photography without having to rent a manned aircraft or helicopter and brings such images into the repertoire of regular photographers.  As aircraft in Canadian airspace, a license is required to operate a RPAS.  We are licensed for Advanced Operations, and we operate equipment certified for operations in controlled airspace and operations near people.  We also carry aviation insurance.

Our aircraft are all by DJI.  Our Phantom4 Pro is now relegated to backup or extended operations, with most of our photography now done using our Mavic2 Pro with its superior optics. If a dual-operator situation presents itself, our Inspire Pro is configured for a pilot with a separate photographer/videographer controlling just the camera.

For most of our real estate work, we are carrying a drone as an additional camera and might put the aircraft up for one or two elevated, but low-altitude shots as a part of our standard still photography package. No additional charge would be made for this. We might consider this if power lines or vegetation are interfering with a clear shot of the front of a property, or to obtain a clear view of a waterfront exposure.

For more extensive aerial work, like 360-degree panoramas, videos, and high-altitude shots, basic rates apply.

In most cases, aerial videos add little to the presentation of a listing, unless the property is very large (farm, estate, etc).

Aerial stills not only give a fresh perspective on the property, they can also be used to inter-relate different features of the property which may not be properly shown using ground-level photos.  The elevated view also tends to eliminate distracting backgrounds.

Promotional and Public Relations

From tourist brochures to annual reports, aerial photography which conforms to pictorial principles helps to grab and hold the attention of the reader.

Well-planned aerial photos are now an essential part of any PR campaign.

Reproduction Rights

All Drone photography is done under the published Terms and Conditions and is made available with Commercial Use rights as outlined in the standard invoice.


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