General Commercial Photography

General photography encompasses the full spectrum from recording events to carefully styled images for advertising, branding, and packaging. Things and people, all to enhance a business.

Have Camera, Will Travel

The majority of our photography is done on location. If necessary, we can set up lights and background at your premises. This can be a full studio for people or large objects, or a table-top studio for small products or food.

We have even set up outdoors to shoot menus for mobile food vendors.

Look Behind the Curtain

It is not always about your product. Yes, we can show items for sale and create compelling images for your packaging and infographics for your Amazon listing.

But whether your business is industrial or home-based, your clients love to get a glimpse into what you do, and how you do it.

There is a reason Behind-The-Scenes shots are used in big annual reports. BTS humanizes you, showing you as a friend.

At Glenn Sweet Decoys, Alexandria Bay, NY.

BTS images are not snapshots. Motion-blur and selective focus are used, as is, when necessary, highly controlled lighting, to involve the viewer in what is happening in the image. When your clients vicariously put themselves in your (or your employee’s) place, they are forced to gain respect for what you do, and your business.

I Know That Person!

Headshots are a staple for any professional industry, such as real estate, insurance, or any other personal service where the ability of the client to trust and approach the agent is critical to the success of the business.

Contrary to popular perception, these are not portraits, but rather product shots that promote the agent as a salable item.  The individual is presented as professional, direct, pleasant, competent, and trustworthy.

Often color is a distraction. Monochrome (B&W) is frequently seen as a better presentation of the person.

High-key headshots co-ordinate well with white paper (printed media) However, since the eye is drawn to lighter spots, they present well in low-key environments, like this web page.

The choice of dress should be influenced by the choice of background. Lighter colors should prevail for high-key headshots.

Low-key headshots demand darker, more muted colors.

For a series of headshots, the choice of background should be fixed, and wardrobes should match. If one is casual, all should be casual.

Nothing looks worse on a website than a page that says “Meet The Team” showing a bunch of people who couldn’t even co-ordinate their efforts for a photoshoot.

As a final word, don’t be intimidated by the camera. Remember. It is probably more afraid of you than you are of it!

Reproduction Rights

All photography is done under the published Terms and Conditions and is made available with Commercial Use rights as outlined in the standard invoice.

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