How To Do It

I thought about calling this section “Roger’s Rant”. Every photographer learns through their experiences (mistakes as well as successes) and many smugly view the tribulations of others. They look at what they have learned as proprietary information that gives them a marketing edge over the competition.

I have learned that the opposite is true. Every time I take a new photographer under my wing, they give me a fresh way of seeing the world, and my photography matures. Being open with your knowledge encourages others to share with you as you are willing to share with them.

I am indebted to the many fine photographers who took time from their busy schedules to help me as I started developing my craft. The subject matter of the following pages varies from a mental approach to hard technical methods to the business of making a living through photography. The writing is aimed at the serious photographer, and I apologize to any clients who might object to the methods photographers use to maintain their living. Please do not take exception to the merchandising recommendations. If your photographer cannot make a living, then you do not have a photographer. Remember that some of the equipment is priced at a level you might object to spending on an automobile.

I begin with the most accessible forms of photography for the new imager and cover some of the technical basics. As time goes on, and I have the opportunity, I will be delving into more advanced types of work you might encounter and will try to give some basic pointers for competence in these areas. Ultimately, you will develop your own working methods and photography styles. I just want to get you started.