Virtual Tour Rates

By default, Regular virtual tours are done, showing details like counters, appliances, etc. These floor plans incorporate advanced measurement capabilities for room planning and can be incorporated with services like Economy floor plans are only done if specifically requested. Economy floor plans are suitable for open spaces, like commercial leased spaces which will be renovated with purpose-built leasehold improvements.

Sq FtEconomy Floor PlanRegular Floor Plan
0 – 1500 $270.00$365.00
1501 – 10,000$270 + $0.09/sq ft over 1500$365 + $0.11/sq ft over 1500
Over 10,000$950 + $0.08/sq ft over 10000$1300 + $0.10/sq ft over 10000

Other Charges

Canceled shoot: $75.00 + travel.

DWG Floor Plans for the construction industry are available for an additional $0.045/sq ft.

iGuide banner creation: $35.00. Our fee for initial banner creation is waived for a new client. Later changes requireing a new banner will be invoiced.

iGuides are hosted for one year from the date of the shoot and are locked automatically after the expiry of that period. The tours are usually locked once the property is sold, or the agency agreement has expired. We can unlock a locked tour and extend the hosting for another year. The administrative charge for unlocking an iGuide is $25.00.