Travel and Mileage

Please note that the cost of travel is rapidly increasing at a rate far above the rate of inflation! We will keep the rates published here current, but please be aware that changes may occur at any time!

Travel is calculated based on the actual round trip distance, from the origin (at the intersection of Bath, Princess, and Concession in Kingston) to the address of the assignment, and back. Distances are calculated as the minimum distance on paved roads, X 2. Unpaved shortcuts are not considered!

The first 50 km round trip is included in the assignment rate. Anything above that is charged at $1.00 per kilometer.

If multiple round trips are necessary, the total round trip distance of all the trips will be charged. This might happen, for instance, if a special trip is required to photograph the exterior of a building in good weather, but the interior is not yet ready for photography.

In the event of multiple assignments, the basic minimum of 50 km is cumulative, so, if two assignments, then the total distance for both will be charged for any travel over 100 km, evenly distributed between the two jobs. (The jobs must be consecutive on the same day, and not involve waiting time between.)

Should the round trip travel time exceed 2 hours, travel will be charged as time ( @ $50.00/hr) plus distance ( @ 1.00/km) for the full round trip.

If total travel time plus shooting time exceeds 8 hr., overnight accommodations must be provided or will be charged at cost + 25%.

If a ferry ride or a toll road/bridge is required to reach the site of the shoot, a charge of $25 plus any fare/toll will apply to the round trip.